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MY Innovate’s New Secure Storage Module

What is Secure Storage?

Secure Storage​ is one of MY Innovate’s new product offering. It is part of the new line of services that MY Innovate is rolling out in the coming weeks.

The ​Secure Storage is a data and document storage service that offers scalability, security and performance. Data and documents are stored using asymmetric encryption. This provides an additional layer of protection and privacy aside from other industry standard security features like authentication and data resiliency.

The ​Secure Storage comes with a Node.js SDK that enables third party systems to use and integrate with it.

Features and Benefits

Simple and Easy to Use

Secure Storage​ is a simple service that provides a simple way to store data and documents. The API endpoints are easy to call and it uses industry standard API key based authentication. We also prepared a ready to use Node.js SDK which you can use to integrate seamlessly with your own system.

Data Protection and Access Restriction

The data and documents stored in the ​Secure Storage​ are encrypted with asymmetric keys provided by the owner. This provides an additional layer of protection on top of the API key based authentication. Sharing of access to another account is only possible when the owner of the data or document provides the private key to the other account.

Managed and Scalable

Secure Storage​ is a managed service under the administration of MY Innovate. This means that the service availability, scalability, data resiliency and data protection falls under the responsibility of MY Innovate and you as a service consumer doesn’t need to worry about the management of the service.

Sample Use Case:
Off-chain Storage Service for your Blockchain Network

Storing all transactional information on the blockchain is problematic, slow and expensive. Transactions in the blockchain network should only contain minimal information so it can easily propagate to other blockchain nodes.

The ​Secure Storage​ allows storing of the full transactional information easier without the pain of dealing with blockchain technology’s limitation and expensive fees. Just simply store all the information in the ​Secure Storage​ and then reference it in the blockchain transaction using the hash or any identifier.

If you want to know more about this simple yet very flexible storage product, reach out to us via our contact form.

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