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A vast network of partners is just a few clicks awayThe Partnership To Grow Your Business

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Open Sharing Platform for
Last Miles Logistics

Providing a complete platform for the logistics requirement of your business.

✓ Sharing Economy

✓ Merchant Flow

✓ Data Flow

✓ Money Flow

Open Sharing Platform for Last Miles Logistics

Single Intelligent Global Platform

Connect to a Global
Collaborative Platform

Securely connect to our solutions to leverage the full power of AI and Big Data Analytics​

Find Customers or Resources
based on Your Needs

Our platform allows SMEs to leverage each other’s strength and to create a positive synergy for everyone.

Services to Ensure Your Success

Many Partners to Meet Your Needs

From Financial Needs to Logistic or Marketing, our mission is to support your business in its growth.

Make the most out of Your Information

Keep control of your data and chose what you want to share. Syndicated information allows to obtain valuable insight to improve your business.

High Partnership Potential

Highly flexible online structure allows multiple organizations to partner with MY Innovate and to deliver additional services in areas such as logistic flow, compliance or even credit checking.

Flexible Integration

Integrate with Your
Internal Systems

MY Innovate’s solutions provide easy connectivity features with your internal applications, be they in-house or from third party vendors.

Integrate with
Our Technology

Advanced design enables you to access and to interact with our services through APIs.

State of the Art Services

Robust by Design

Our solutions make use of cloud technologies which allows you to benefit from the highest level of data persistence while ensuring that transactions records cannot be forged.

Completely Scalable

MY Innovate’s solutions are optimized to ensure the delivery of the highest level of service no matter the size of your organization.

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