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Our Values


Allow SMEs to work in total synergy in order to achieve mutual growth.


To provide a groundbreaking and innovative environment to help SMEs collaborate and grow their business, no matter locally or internationally.

• By creating and providing new products and services that increases business reach and enhances process efficiency
• By bringing solutions that meet existing needs and anticipate future growth and change of industry directions

Relying on an experienced and motivated team, the group has proven its ability to go through unstable times with an agile mindset focused on adaptability, seizing opportunities to grow while boosting its competitive edge and achieving high performance.

Our Values

We strive to create an environment for corporations to cooperate and grow, based on a sense of confidence, solidarity and commitment.
Our group strategy is based on five core values: Security, Honesty, Immediacy, Fairness and Trust (SHIFT).


All data is encrypted end-to-end and early detection systems are in place to prevent fraud.



Incentivizes and ensures honesty from all participants, including the platform operator.


Opportunities are presented in a timely manner and auction results are revealed immediately.



Auctions on a distributed consortium ledger ensure that all transactions are fair and auditable.


State-of-the-art open technology ensures all processes can provably be trusted.

Let’s build the future of finance, logistics and digital marketing together.

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