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Meng & Yume Innovate

Meng & Yume Innovate is a tech solution provider to two industries:
1. Financing and Investment; and
2. Logistics and Transportation


HaveFund is the fintech arm of Meng & Yume Innovate.
It is a state-of-the-art financing platform that leverages the latest Blockchain, AI and Secure Encryption technologies in order to bring a scalable, transparent and secure environment for the lending industry to cooperate, whether locally or in a cross-border fashion.
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HaveCargo is a business matching platform for logistic companies.
It leverages our technology in the blockchain, mobile Internet, O2O, Location base service, and cloud service to enhance profitability for all logistics alliance members.

impact M

impact M is the marketing arm of Meng & Yume Innovate, with a strong focus on B2B marketing services and the ability to tap into more than 29 countries all around the world. Its extensive experience and international reach has already helped hundreds of customers to develop their brands and recognition around the world.
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