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JSGO’s Open Sharing Economy

A Logistics-centered Open Platform

Target Customers

Logistics demand customers: E-commerce, influencers, group buyers, direct-distributors, manufacturers, and dealerships.​

Logistics providers: Drivers with delivery vehicles,freelance drivers (with or without self-owned vehicles), and sharing economy drivers:4 wheeled trucks, 3 wheeled electric motorcycles, and 2 wheeled motorcycles.​

Last Miles Logistics

Digital Marketing


Last Mile Logistics Pain Points

Logistics market remains
highly fragmented​

Numerous fragmented smaller logistics providers leads to lower efficiency and higher expenses​

Logistics demand is
greater than supply​

E-commerce’s continuous growth makes it difficult for logistics providers to meet customer’s changing delivery needs and order frequencies​

Driver shortage to

Aging truck drivers and stricter labour laws have left the logistics industry short of young workers​

If you want to know more about logistics-centered platform​, reach out to us via our contact form.

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